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Your Child's Teeth

Let's start by dispelling a myth!

If you are under the misconception that a child's primary or 'baby teeth' are unimportant because they are "just going to fall out anyway", it's time to change your belief!

Primary teeth hold an important place in a person's development into adulthood ...literally.

In addition to chewing, primary teeth are integral as place holders and spacers for adult teeth. They are important in speech development, oral and physical health, and let's not forget self-confidence. Ensuring that primary teeth erupt around a normal and healthy development schedule is important for developing a healthy adult mouth and a beautiful smile.

A general timeline for children's teeth to erupt is as follows:

Six to Nine Months of age
Lower Central Incisor (front teeth)

Eight to Ten Months of age
Upper Central and Lateral Incisor (front teeth)

Fifteen to Twenty-one Months
Lower Lateral Incisor
Cuspids (canine teeth)
First Molar Upper First Molar

Sixteen to Twenty Months
Upper Cuspids (Canine teeth)

Twenty to Twenty-Four Months
Upper and Lower Second Molar

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