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Frequently Asked Questions

How early can I bring my child in?

Usually we see children for their first visit within 1 year of their first tooth erupting. This usually happens when the child is 1 year old.

What age of children do we treat?

We see kids anywhere between the ages of 1 and 16 years of age. After 16 years of age, they graduate from our practice and transfer to ParkPlace Dental Centre, conveniently located right across the street from our location.

What is a happy visit?

A happy visit is your child's first dental visit to our office. This gives your child an opportunity to meet the dentist, play in the office, and get familiar with the whole dental experience. At this time, the Doctor will do an oral exam to assess their dental health, take any necessary x-rays, and assess their comfort level with dental treatment.

How do I prepare my child to visit the dentist?

A visit to the dentist should be a fun experience for your child, and there are many simple things that can be done in advance to get your child excited about going to the dentist.

  1. Start educating your child on their teeth. Point to them, show them in the mirror, and get them comfortable with you poking around in their mouth. This will make them more at ease during their dental visits.
  2. Talk about the dentist in a positive way. Often times, children mirror their parents reactions or feelings to certain things that they do not yet understand. For example, if you have a fear of the dentist, your child could potentially develop that same fear, just from seeing how you react. Make sure all discussions about the dentist are positive and geared toward being a fun experience!
My child only has baby teeth. Is it necessary to treat them?

Many parents misunderstand the importance of their children's teeth and are unsure if they require dental care. Children's teeth have an important purpose, and not caring for them properly can cause a lot of problems. Primary teeth encourage the normal development of jaw bones and muscles, and ensure that there is space for the permanent teeth to grow into. They also help guide those teeth into position. The healthier your child's baby teeth are, the stronger their permanent teeth will be!

What is a cavity and what causes it?

A cavity is when the tooth decays or breaks down and creates a hole. That hole can grow bigger and deeper over time, which is why it's important to get it repaired with a filling. How do cavities form? From plaque. Plaque is a sticky, slimy substance made up of the bacteria in your mouth. That bacteria makes acids, and when plaque clings to your teeth, the acids eat away at the outer layer of your teeth called enamel.

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